Jul 29
by Benjamin Lei

[Lamb Me Your Recipe] - LMYR Chef's Special ft. Super Loco X Cheek

Episode 3

Featuring Super Loco & Cheek Bistro

Join Paul Foster as he digs into two very culturally distinct lamb dishes made by two of the best chefs in Singapore.

Chef Jason Jones from Super Loco keeps it simple and delicious with his rendition of a Lamb Taco. But he uses it to introduce the lamb barbacoa - a spicy Mexican slow-cooked lamb. He recreates this traditional dish by using a premium-grade Australian lamb shoulder.

In Cheek Bistro, Chef Rishi Naleendra introduces us to the restaurant’s popular Lamb Ribs where he uses roasted spices to add delicious flavour to the dish. Using the finest Australian lamb, Chef Rishi believes it is perfect for retaining all the flavour from his spices.  

Find out more at www.lambassadors.com.

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