Aug 05
by Benjamin Lei

[Lamb Me Your Recipe] - LMYR Chef's Special ft. Burnt Ends X Chico Loco

Episode 4

Featuring Burnt Ends & Chico Loco

Join us as we peek into the restaurants of two of Singapore's best chefs and see how they use high-quality Australian lamb in their delectable dishes.

Burnt Ends’ Chef Dave Pynt makes full use of his wood-burning oven to create a Lamb Gyro in his one Michelin-star restaurant. The Australian lamb shoulder he uses is first brined in a buttermilk solution for two days before being oven-roasted for three hours.

Chico Loco’s Chef Randy Torres creates another unique dish – Achiote Roast Lamb. A rotisserie lamb that pairs with Achiote – a traditional Mexican spice that is a rare find outside of its home country.


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