By Chef Edward Siew Pan-Seared Blue Glutinous Rice Pie With Black Truffle Beef

  • Prep time 8Hr
  • Cook time 1Hr
  • Technique Stew, Pan Fry / Saute
  • Meat Beef
  • Cut Rump
  • Serves 4

An innovative and Lunar New Year-themed take on a pie, where blue pea-tinged glutinous rice forms the pie ‘crust’ and with an aromatic filling of black truffle Beef within.


300gm Beef knuckle (minced)

50gm Beef fat

150ml Water

100gm Black truffle

40gm White truffle oil

5gm Sugar

½ Teaspoon black pepper

½ Teaspoon fish extract

600gm Glutinous rice

3gm Butterfly pea flower

1500ml hot water


To season the sticky rice

8gm Salt

15gm Fish extract

20gm Sugar

Sesame oil to taste

300ml water


1. Heat a claypot and stir in the beef fat until it melts. Add the minced beef knuckle and stir until it is fully cooked. 

2. Add water, sugar and black pepper and continue to stew until the meat cooks to desired tenderness and the liquid is fully incorporated. 

3. Take off the fire and add black truffle and white truffle oil. Set aside for later. 

4. Boil the butterfly pea flowers in 1500ml of water for two whole minutes. 

5. Once the blue flower water comes to room temperature, soak the glutinous rice in it, preferably overnight. 

6. Drain out the water from the glutinous rice and place it into a bamboo tray to steam for 45 minutes, 

7. Once it has been steamed, add the salt, sugar, fish extract and sesame oil while the rice is still hot and can absorb the flavours. 

8. Place the cooked rice into a plastic bag and smash it until the rice gets sticky.

9. To assemble each pie, take 50gm of the blue ice and stuff the truffle beef mixture within. Wrap it in a pie shape and pan-fry until the edges are sealed and golden brown.

10. The beef rice pies are ready to be served.