6 Top Tips to Put Together a Barbeque Feast For Father’s Day

How to grill beef and lamb to perfect doneness and throw a BBQ feast at home to impress any meat-loving dad



Does the word ‘barbeque’ conjure up images of lazy weekend cookouts and summer afternoons with the smoky scent of charred meat? The barbeque style of cooking beef and lamb is the perfect combination of heat, smoke and choice cuts of meat. If you have a meat-loving dad, Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to perfect your BBQ skills so he can be in for a treat.  

We give you a quick overview on how to put together the perfect BBQ feast. Even if you are no ‘pitmaster’ all you need are some handy tricks up your sleeve to ensure nicely cooked, smoked and charred cuts of red meat.

Do words like sirloin, ribeye, flank and more have you all confused? Truth be told, some cuts of beef and lamb are better for cooking well over fire than the others. Beef cuts such as top quality Australian ribeye and porterhouse are great for grilling and deliver excellent beefy flavour. You can also never go wrong with excellent Aussie lamb chops. Pay attention to the thickness of the meat, as anything too thin and delicate can be overcooked easily. A BBQ is also great for cooking beef and lamb burgers and sausages. When in doubt, ask your friendly butcher for recommendations on cuts and their grill times. 



While it’s true that practice makes perfect, having the right BBQ tools is what gets the job done. Before embarking on any barbeque cook, Australian chef Curtis Stone gathers his go-to barbeque essentials on a baking tray he refers to as his “Grill Caddy”, which carries a long tong, a thin-lipped spatula, a silicone oil brush, a digital meat thermometer, and a handy wet cloth. Other handy helpers that are designed to help you ace your meat game are a resting wire rack, a good set of knives, a digital timer and more. Have a look at a meat lover’s must-have tools here, and get yourself all the tools needed. 



Once you have your meat and tools sorted, remember that marinating is the key to flavour. Since this is for Father’s day, figure out what dad might like best. Is he a straight-up steak guy? In that case, a simple salt and spices pre-seasoning will do. If you and dad are happy to experiment – the sky is the limit. Try this Korean-inspired marinade with gochujang and soy sauce. Whichever flavour boost you pick, maximize your marinate by soaking your meat for 12 - 24 hours, especially for whole pieces like roasts and steaks.

The temperature of the meat and of your grill, both have a great impact on the finished product – it is important to take the meat out of the fridge and allow it to come to room temperature before cooking (about 1 hour beforehand). This will ensure the meat cooks evenly. Grill temperatures take some trial and error to perfect, but the top tips are 1. Pre-heating a grill for 15-20 minutes before cooking — this ensures that the food sears on contact for a delicious, flavourful crust. 

After all the hard work is done on the grill, take note to allow the meat to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. This is a crucial step to give the muscle fibres a chance to relax and reabsorb the moisture and wonderful flavours, and most importantly, ensure that your steak doesn’t bleed out onto the plate. This will give you and dad a chance to sit back and relax, and enjoy each other’s company before you tuck in. 

When it comes to barbeque, the meat may be the main event — particularly if it's high-quality Australian beef and lamb, however, do not forget the sides. Sauces, veggies and side dishes are meant to elevate your main and tie the meal together into something you can enjoy with your family. Try these Thai Glazed Aussie Lamb Loin Chops With Sweet Corn Slaw with its sweet-tart and pungent flavours, or this Asian Chimichurri sauce that would bring out the meaty flavours of a good quality steak. 

With these top tips, make firing up the barbeque your Father’s Day activity this year. We help you whip up an excellent meat dish while spending quality time with dad.