The Best of the Australian Beef & Lamb Pies and Tarts

Due to the nutrients and flavour found in Aussie Beef and Lamb, they can be adapted into a variety of recipes, and make the most delicious fillings for savoury tarts and pies.






Australia produces some of the finest quality red meat in the world, which is a pleasure to cook with and translates into delicious and versatile dishes — from simple one-pot meals to elaborate celebratory roasts and feasts spanning a multitude of cuisines. 

Beef and Lamb work particularly well in savoury pies. 

The Australian Meat Pie is a popular food icon. Pies were initially conceived as an innovative way to hold cooked meat. The marriage of flavour-rich meat and flaky, buttery pastry is comfort food for many and the flavour combinations can be endless. From the good ol’ traditional Beef pies to more innovative tarts complete with toppings, garnishes and more. From comfort foods such as Beef Steak Pies to imaginative modern tarts crafted with ingredients such as Black Truffle, Lamb and even Chestnuts and Vegemite

With Australia Day (26 January) around the corner, there is no better time to celebrate these foods and flavours. 

Why Australian?

For more than 200 years, Australian farmers have been passing their knowledge down from generation to generation, creating a proud meat and livestock industry brimming with tradition. Their world-leading supply chain, together with the advantages of raising animals in an unspoiled environment, has underpinned Australia's reputation for producing some of the highest quality Beef and Lamb.

Versatility and Variety of Cuts

The delicious flavour, superior quality and unparalleled versatility of Australian red meat transport you to rich pristine landscapes. 

Beef and Lamb are available in various cuts; it is worth doing research to know what to pick amidst the array of options and price points. No matter your budget, taste preference and recipe requirement, there is an ideal cut to complement your home cooking repertoire. Premium Beef cuts such as Ribeye, Sirloin, and Tenderloin as well as Lamb cuts such as Racks and Loins, are from muscles which are not stretched as much. These are the most tender parts of the animal and are suitable for even just a quick sear in the pan to achieve a juicy and tender finish. 

There are more competitively-priced and tougher cuts that benefit from slow cooking methods to break the meat fibres and collagen down. These include Beef cuts like Skirt, Flank, Shank, Brisket and Chuck, and Lamb cuts such as Leg of Lamb or Shoulder. Although they may be more sinewy, they are packed with flavour and full of nutrients as these are regular working muscles. These are best suited for braising, roasting, and slow-cooking, and are often used in stews and curries, as the connective tissue and gelatin melt during the long cook—as they get more tender the longer they’re cooked, they work extremely well in pie and tart fillings. 

A detailed overview of Beef cuts and their uses can be found here, and Lamb cuts and their myriad uses can be seen here

Traditional Pies and Innovative Tarts

An Australian Meat Pie, often known as the Aussie Pie, is a food icon that is loved by both locals and visitors. Quintessentially Aussie, much like what hamburgers and hot dogs are to America, you will find pies everywhere in Australia, in a variety of flavours ranging from the classic Steak and Pepper to more avant-garde versions like Thai Beef Curry and more. With Australia’s diverse culture and heritage, the humble meat pie is the perfect way to showcase one’s food traditions, be it Asian or Western – into something uniquely Australian. Moreover, a pie or a tart is the perfect canvas to reinvent a meat stew, braise or curry, and a novel way to present and serve leftovers. 

Aussie Beef and Lamb Pies At Select Retailers and Butchers

Top-quality Australian red meat in various cuts are available at several retailers and butchers across the island. Those that work best in pie fillings can be found at select NTUC FairPrice’s Delicato counters, select Cold Storage outlets, Ryan’s Butchery, Little Farms and Foodie Market Place, among others. In order to showcase how Beef and Lamb can effortlessly be used in pie and tart recipes, these retailers will also be hosting live cooking demonstrations from 26 January to 28 February 2023.



Creative Pies and Innovative Tarts

Some of the region's most innovative young chefs have put together pie and tart recipes spotlighting the superior quality of Australian red meat. These recipes serve as inspiration for home cooks to get creative in using Red Meat in pies and tarts.


Braised "Hong Shao" Lamb With Roasted Chestnut And Mushroom Tart

Australian Lamb and Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Classic Boeuf Bourguignon with Mushroom & Pearl Tart/Pie

Australian Spring Lamb Pie

Pan-Seared Blue Glutinous Rice Pie with Black Truffle Beef

Stewed Pineapple Lamb with Honey Glazed Sauce, Anchovies and Onion Pie

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